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4th of July Family Fair Face Painting

15 hours

Community partner: Chippewa Valley Museum
Supervisor: Angela Allred
Beginning date:
Ending Date:

Service-Learning Proposal Description


Briefly describe the project and the community need to be addressed.

Answer The July 4th Family Fun Fair in Carson Park at Chippewa Valley Museum is an event drawing thousands of participants and is a major fundraiser for the museum's educational programs and exhibits. We need volunteers to plan and operate a face painting station between 11a and 4p on the Fourth of July.


What is the mission of the agency or organization?

Answer The Chippewa Valley Museum connects people to our community and inspires curiosity by collecting, preserving, and sharing our region’s historical and cultural resources. The Chippewa Valley Museum is a dynamic community gathering place and a valued regional resource that connects diverse audiences with the cultures and histories of the Chippewa Valley.


What skills are required for this project? 

Answer Planning and running the facepaint station on the Fourth of July will require the following skills: Artistic talent, the ability to interact positively with children, and the capacity to stay organized, calm, and efficient in a crowded, noisy environment.


What are the objectives for the student learning and service?

Answer We hope that the student will gain valuable experience in designing and producing facepaint art in a unique environment. Student volunteers will learn about how much effort and diverse talent is necessary to execute large community events. Through the July 4th Family Fun Fair, the Chippewa Valley Museum seeks to establish and sustain positive community connections that will advance history education in our community.


What are the availability requirements for the student?

Answer The student must be available on July 4th for a minimum of five hours. The remaining ten hours of service are flexible and will include planning, design, attendance at meetings, and follow-up conversations and documentation.


Additional information (not required).

Answer N/A