University of Wisconsion - Eau Claire




Marketing/Promotion Assistant

15 hours

Beginning date:
Ending Date:

Service-Learning Proposal Description


Briefly describe the project and the community need to be addressed.

Answer Assist in creating electronic board slides, flyers, social media posts, etc., to promote the availability and hours of the Campus Cupboard food pantry. Fundraising promotions may also be considered. The community need to be addressed is: To gain an appreciation of food insecurity among campus students; to assess shortcoming in the current offerings, both within our own pantry and from the food bank.


What is the mission of the agency or organization?

Answer The mission of UWECBC Foundation: To enhance student and community educational opportunities through the direct support of scholarships and campus initiatives at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire -- Barron County.


What skills are required for this project? 

Answer Graphic design, social media, computer skills.


What are the objectives for the student learning and service?

Answer To creatively promote the availability of our Campus Cupboard food pantry to help eliminate food insecurity within our campus community. Promotions should help to education, and help reduce/eliminate the stigma associated with receiving assistance.


What are the availability requirements for the student?

Answer 1-2 hours a week based on student's availability.


Additional information (not required).

Answer n/a