University of Wisconsion - Eau Claire




Wisconsin Logging Museum Museum Assistant Volunteer

30 hours

Community partner: Wisconsin Logging Museum
Supervisor: Rachel Lange
Beginning date:
Ending Date:

Service-Learning Proposal Description


Briefly describe the project and the community need to be addressed.

Answer As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to help connect community visitors with this one-of-a-kind piece of Wisconsin's past. Museum Assistant Volunteers are vital to the mission of the museum and provide support in all aspects of museum work, including cashier support, gift shop support, supervising the children's activity area, assisting guests with questions, and general custodial duties. Wisconsin Logging Museum serves a wide variety of community members and relies heavily on volunteers to provide a great experience for our guests.


What is the mission of the agency or organization?

Answer Wisconsin Logging Museum's mission is to collect, preserve, and share Wisconsin's logging and lumber history through exhibitions, programming, collections, and visitor experiences.


What skills are required for this project? 

Answer Basic cash handling, customer service, community interaction, and general custodial.


What are the objectives for the student learning and service?

Answer Students will gain experience interacting with a wide variety of community members.


What are the availability requirements for the student?

Answer Shifts consist of Thursdays-Sunday with flexible times.


Additional information (not required).

Answer Please visit to learn more about WLM.