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Pepin County Map/Graphic Design for Visitor's Guide

15 hours

Beginning date:
Ending Date:

Service-Learning Proposal Description


Briefly describe the project and the community need to be addressed.

Answer Pepin County Tourism is looking for a GIS or graphic design student to create some fun illustrated maps that could potentially be utilized in future visitor guides or other promotional materials. The ideal map would include key places of interest within Pepin County. This list of places to include and GIS files (if needed) would be provided to the student.


What is the mission of the agency or organization?

Answer Promote tourism and economic development within Pepin County.


What skills are required for this project? 

Answer GIS and/or graphic design skills - Primarily, we are looking for someone with time and the ability to make us a pretty cool looking maps. Attention to detail could be helpful.


What are the objectives for the student learning and service?

Answer Map design and layout though use of cartography or graphic design concepts. Communicate with Pepin County staff at least once to review designs and receive feedback. Creation of at least two map designs for consideration. Encourage students to consider using mapping or graphic design skills and talents as non-traditional form of community service.


What are the availability requirements for the student?

Answer For the map design(s) to be considered for inclusion in the 2023 visitor guide, they need to be sent to Pepin County by November 30, 2022. Utilize software available via campus (ArcMap, Adobe, or other design/mapping software) and submit map design(s) in png or jpeg format. Students can work remotely from campus or their home.


Additional information (not required).

Answer Pepin County has examples of maps from other places that could be utilized to inspire your design; we can also provide GIS data to help you create the map. Tourism Coordinator: LeAnna Kavanaugh;